Monday, 5 January 2009

Twelfth Night - Or - What You Will...

As tonight is Twelfth Night, we have been rather reluctantly taking down our Christmas decorations, and looking anew at the blank page before us... My eyes alighted on one particular decoration and my thoughts inevitably, considering the news today and yesterday, turned to this.

I have been reading quite widely of late, having almost finished my reading for the Lit Flicks Challenge and although I haven't yet blogged about most of these books, the reviews are on their way. I am hoping to be blogging more this year as I am resolving to spend an hour a day working on something creative, outside of my work life. This may well result in posts which aren't only about the books I have been reading, but I am interested to see in what direction this will develop.

I have mentioned to my friends and family as part of my resolution that I am intending to start writing more this year and as a result I have now got a workspace of my own, within my flat.

Almost everything in this space has been generously given to me by one or another of my friends and family for which, as ever, I am extremely grateful and send them all my very best thoughts and wishes for the New Year. Since as Maria in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night so rightly asserts 'Thought is free' - and tonight I believe is a good time to be thoughtful and an even better time to be thankful.

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